What Are You Waiting For?

In case you have missed it; there’s a lot of crap happening right now. We have had another major terrorist attack (Orlando), the FBI deciding not to pursue charges for the mishandling of classified information, numerous protests in major cities, and the presidential election is only a few months away. With all of that underway […]

A bit of advice from someone that has been through one assault weapon ban

1)Start buying stuff (that includes putting things on layaway) that you want/need now. Prices will skyrocket and availability will become scarce. This does not apply to things like optics and weapon lights though 2)Start buying ammo but don’t panic buy 3)Keep training, competing, and shooting. Shooting is a perishable skill and if you aren’t working […]

But I’m Too Invested In………

Over the past several weeks I’ve been noticing several trends in online discussion forums and social media outlets when the idea of adopting a new pistol is mentioned. Today I’m going to look at the idea of “I’m too invested in…”. This statement generally arises during a discussion that goes like this: A – Dude; […]