But I’m Too Invested In………

Over the past several weeks I’ve been noticing several trends in online discussion forums and social media outlets when the idea of adopting a new pistol is mentioned. Today I’m going to look at the idea of “I’m too invested in…”. This statement generally arises during a discussion that goes like this: A – Dude; […]

Ludus Magnus Holsters

The world of firearms and firearms accessories is a place of constant expansion. Every day there are new businesses entering the fray and many leave the game as quick as they entered. This is more than evident when we look at the holster market. When I first became involved in the world of firearms the […]

Ballistic Masturbation: Just Say NO!!

Ken Hackathorn, one of my firearms training mentors, has spoken on multiple occasions about the rise of people who bill themselves as firearms instructors that engage in nothing more than “entertrainment” (full credit to Ken for the term). Instead of teaching their students what they need to know for the realistic use of firearms in […]